Where the Wealthy Are Used to Coming Out on Top

I liked this cute little piece of propaganda stuck into a Fox News story about David Goldman’s reunion with his Brazilian son after a difficult custody battle:

Goldman’s fight was against a powerful family of Rio de Janeiro lawyers in a nation where the wealthy are used to coming out on top.

TOTALLY UNLIKE IN THE UNITED STATES. Where we have a meritocracy, a level playing field, total equality, and a classless society where money could never buy justice. Where the rich DEFINITELY do not have access to additional levers of power to turn events like court cases in their favor or in other ways flex extraordinary power that the underclasses will never have. In Brazil, perhaps, there are shameless privileges visited upon the wealthy due to their inferior government, natural penchant for corruption, and their non-Americanness. Perhaps in Brazil it is possible for the rich to buy justice.

But NEVER in the United States. Heavens no.

Does Fox News submit their stories to a panel of aging white capitalists to see that every story, no matter how unrelated, sings the praises of American-style capitalistic democracy?

Um, well basically. Who else would be on their editorial board?


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