Well, to many of us, treating Americans equally whether straight or non-straight seemed like a good idea.


Because we didn’t think about the pricetag of equality. Silly liberals. Well, economically-minded opponents of marriage equality have helpfully pointed out that if we end this form of discrimination, it will COST THE TAXPAYERS! OH MY DEAR LORD!

Extending federal benefits to same-sex couples will cost taxpayers $898 million over the next nine years, according to an analysis of “domestic partnership” legislation released last by the Congressional Budget Office.

…The 2004 report was written at the request of then-Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, an opponent of same sex marriage.

Hey, how about a similar report on the cost to taxpayers of het spousal benefits? Because if the above cost of extending basic benefits to this very small minority of Americans is so hefty, it must be 50 times greater at least for straight couple benefits. Just saying. If we’re going to offer a right to society, it’s either all or none. How is it that we can afford spousal benefits for the 90%-98% of couples who are straight, but when it comes down to that last 2%-10%, suddenly we run out of money? I mean, if we’re trying to save money by selectively denying marriage, why not pick other minorities, like Shinto practitioners, or American Indians, and deny them marriage? Heck, why not just stop offering spousal benefits at all? Think of the savings!

I’m going to just say that it’s stupid to subject the human rights of oppressed groups to an economic evaluation as a means of determining whether it is “worth it” for the oppressed group to have rights. Insulting, prejudicial, small-minded, and smacking of straight privilege. People have human rights because they are human. They come automatically at birth. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, because they are a greater good than the bottom line. As a matter of fact, most human rights would be free if the privileged didn’t put so many obstacles in the way of achieving them.


Can this same steely-eyed, nothing-but-the-facts economic analysis be also applied to government contracts, or the defense budget (which cost the taxpayers far, far more than anybody’s partner benefits), or is it reserved only for times when bigots are scrambling for reasons to perpetuate inequality? What are the values of this dang nation anyway?