300 People in LA Declare Housing a Human Right

This is a really exciting video. A bunch of economic justice groups in LA got together on Human Rights Day (Dec. 10) and rallied for the human right to housing! Los Angeles Community Action Network posted this video. Just as civil and political rights are important, so are economic and social ones. How can you pursue life, liberty and happiness if you can’t afford a home? How can racial disparities disappear until everyone has the same economic rights?

The diminutive activist from Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates wearing the black cowboy hat and pumping his fist is the highlight.

Video: International Human Rights Day in LA from pete white on Vimeo.

“It’s more difficult today because we are struggling now for genuine equality. And it’s much easier to integrate a lunch counter than it is to guarantee a livable income and a good solid job. It’s much easier to guarantee the right to vote than it is to guarantee the right to live in sanitary, decent housing conditions. It is much easier to integrate a public park than it is to make genuine, quality, integrated education a reality. And so today we are struggling for something which says we demand genuine equality.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1967

And a random related quote:

“The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.”

-Sitting Bull, ~1886


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