Jan.16: March on Phoenix for Immigrant Human Rights! Be There.

Arpaio’s America is not my America!

Joe Arpaio

Organizers in Arizona are planning a huge action next Saturday in Phoenix against shithead Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pictured above. Be there if it is at all possible! It’s going to be awesome.

The lead organizers are the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

The march starts at 10:00am in Falcon Park at 3420 W. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix and ends at Tent City. To get fired up, take a gander at this delightful video. (For some reason, I can’t embed vimeo videos.)

Day of Action Against Joe Arpaio March Poster

Starting at 5pm there will be a huge concert at 2nd Ave & Grant in downtown Phoenix.
Pachanga for Justice

Here’s how you can find out more, get involved, and/or make donations.

Stop the Hate March Poster


4 thoughts on “Jan.16: March on Phoenix for Immigrant Human Rights! Be There.

  1. the march had an amazing turnout. it was empowering. i met people from many other states, including oregon, texas, califas and new york. the nation can see that our state is hurting and they have stepped up to help us. we are not only fighting for immigration rights but for HUMAN rights. gracias a todos!

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