Dear U.S.: Please Stop Colonizing Haiti. Aid Would Be Nice. Sincerely, The ENTIRE WORLD

Aid orgs, Haitian orgs, academics, celebrities and others got together and sent the U.S. Congress a letter on January 28th, requesting that the U.S. cease military colonization of Haiti post-quake and instead focus on aid. If that’s too much, they simply ask the U.S. to step aside so those who are willing to provide aid without occupation can do so.

While security can help to ensure a better distribution of aid, the actual distribution of aid is most important. While it is true that there have been some supplies lost to looting, this is not nearly so terrible as the loss of life and limb that has occurred due to unnecessary delays. The over-emphasis on security has been costly, and must not be repeated – from now on the top priority must be the delivery and distribution of the basic survival needs of the population. The Administration must publicly reassure the world that this will indeed be the priority going forward.

PaDOW! Read the whole letter here.


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