Arizona at Forefront of Illegalizing People

I’d hate to be a cop in Arizona about now. The Arizona state Senate just passed a bill that requires cops, under threat of lawsuit, to enforce federal immigration laws. … They’re not supposed to use race to develop reasonable suspicion but how could they avoid using the color of a man’s skin as a preliminary determinant?

Aside from recent changes in Arizona law basically making it illegal to be brown in that state, there are also changes that could even effect white (i.e. good) Arizona inhabitants:

It’s also now illegal in Arizona to pick someone up in your car if you “know or recklessly disregard the fact” that they are an illegal immigrant. Thankfully, the Arizona House added “a prosecution exemption for people who drive illegal immigrants to church.”

Whew. So if you’re Christian the laws don’t apply. Thank God.

One thought on “Arizona at Forefront of Illegalizing People

  1. If your Christian and white…the exemption is only if you are driving and illegal immigrant to church.

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