This Is Alabama—We Speak English.

Tim James, a Republican who would like to become governor of Alabama, has a special election message for YOU about his carefully prepared platform on how he will improve the lives of Alabamans:

I wonder how much 30 seconds of bigotry—whoops, I mean business sense—costs these days.

H/t Shakesville

5 thoughts on “This Is Alabama—We Speak English.

  1. Yeah, I am SURE that it is about “common sense” and not, you know, any other purpose at all. Like, I don’t know, privileging certain groups.

    I’m sure it is just coincidence that he is white and wants the only language to be English, which he just happens to speak.

    It’s just about what makes business sense and what is American, thats all.

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  3. There are no words.

    Okay, there ARE a few words. ENGLISH words in this case.

    Dude… You’re an idiot. (Yes, I think those are good words to start off with.) I’m sure he’d be mad if the next time he traveled to Europe, all of the signs were in French or German with no English translation. I bet he’d be real upset then.

    Good job being a bigot, moron. A+ example of what NOT to be.

  4. Also… “We” speak English. Something about that just bothers me. Also, how does it make sense?! Explain, Tim James! Explain!

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