Kris Kobach, Is that You?

Kris KobachOF COURSE IT IS! Long-time bigoted Kansas politician Kris Kobach took his racism across state lines to help craft the controversial Arizona anti-immigrant law, SB1070. TOTAL SURPRISE.

Kobach, an Oxford and Yale-educated lawyer, has been bumping around politics for a few years, yet to get a real (strangle) hold on my fair homeland of Kansas, but not for lack of trying. As a matter of fact, he is running for Kansas Secretary of State right now, which I’m sure in no way affected his decision to get involved in this Arizona immigration hooey. To wit: “Kobach said he didn’t believe his involvement in creation of the law would have any impact on running for secretary of state.” Allow me to register my skepticism.

Kobach has an interesting and extensive history in anti-immigrant litigation, specifically, on the losing side. See for yourself. He also has ties to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), a white-supremacist, anti-immigrant hate group whom he has worked for in the past.

“There are some things that states can do and some that states can’t do, but this law threads the needle perfectly,” Kobach has said. Whatever that means.

He’s also said he’s doing this because, “I believe in the cause.”

I don’t doubt that a minute.

UPDATE 5/1/10: Kris Kobach shares his totally reasonable, non-bigoted thoughts with the New York Times.

UPDATE #2 5/3/10:

Republican secretary of state candidate Kris Kobach not only helped write Arizona’s new immigration law, but he has been working for $300 per hour to train law enforcement officers there on procedures in arresting suspected illegal immigrants.

Kobach, an attorney, was hired as an immigration expert to help the Maricopa County sheriff’s office in immigration enforcement activities and policy. The contract, signed in October, calls for a minimum payment to Kobach of $1,500 per month, plus expenses and travel.

From the Lawrence Journal-World.

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