Targeted Killings of Americans Suspected of Terrorism

You know what awesome tots liberal Obama thinks is neat? Assassinations. All assassinations perpetrated by totally non-terrorist US operatives. Even when the assassination target may or may not be a US citizen. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Innocent until proven guilty? No one shall be deprived of life, et al, without due process of law? Amendments 5-8 of the US Constitution?

Not in Obama’s America. NOT IF YOU MIGHT BE A TERRORIST!!! And by terrorist, we don’t mean just anyone who murders unlawfully to create fear in a population. Because that would, ha ha, you know, include the American government. No, Obama has Muslims in mind.

From Raw Story:

In February, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair announced that the United States may target its own citizens abroad for death if it believes they are associated with terrorist groups.

…Earlier this month, news reports indicated that Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was added to the CIA’s list of alleged terrorists the US has targeted to kill.

Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico and served for years as an imam in the United States. He has not been charged with a crime, but was linked by US officials to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the psychiatrist alleged to have killed 13 at an Army base in Fort Hood, as well as Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called “Christmas day” bomber who attempted to detonate a jetliner en route to Detroit.

The instance that brings up this assassination plot is specific. However, the precedent set is general.

An American citizen, not charged with a crime, and definitely with no day in court to face his accusers and argue his case with the help of a lawyer, sentenced to death by the “higher-ups”.

If al-Awlaki had an anglicized name, white skin, and a different religion, yet was suspected of presenting equivalent danger to his own country, would the American government feel so comfortable okaying his assassination? What if Mr. al-Awlaki was replaced with Mr. Ted Jones, a white anti-government Christian fundamentalist plotting to attack US government targets because of their ungodly corruption and high taxes? Would the government feel comfortable ordering his assassination? Would the rest of Americans allow it?

How is America safe if the government can secretly authorize assassinations of its own citizens? How is it that the accusation of “terROriSt!!!!!” trumps what the UDHR and the Bill of Rights declare are fundamental rights?

This is not the first time an American has been targeted for “extrajudicial execution”. Kamal Derwish is the first(?) known American killed through an assassination plot in the “War on Terror”. He was killed while in Yemen in 2002 by a CIA missile strike.

From emptywheel at Firedoglake:

Not only was Derwish accused of being an ongoing threat—the standard purportedly used to put Americans on kill lists now. But he was accused of training Americans in al Qaeda. Which is not all that different than what the government is accusing al-Awlaki of now.

I’m not declaring these guys innocent or guilty. I am declaring assassination plots unacceptable. I actually think all assassination plots are unacceptable, however, being an American citizen myself, I am especially troubled by our elected government targeting its own citizens. I am also heavily suggesting that these assassination plots are only swallowed passively by the public because they are against brown people—Muslims with Muslim-sounding names at that. And finally, I am suggesting that Obama is not awesome. So there.

What do you say to that?


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