Detroit Police Shoot 7-Year-Old to Death

Aiyana Jones, murdered by police, age 7Police looking for a murder suspect on May 16th threw a “flash grenade” into 7-year-old Aiyana Jones’ home, which they apparently followed up with bullets, because she ended up dead from a police bullet wound. There were three other young children inside.

How reasonable were these police actions? How avoidable was this killing? A relative outside the home told police before the violence that there were children inside. There were children’s toys strewn across the front lawn. Also, police had been surveilling the home for several hours, and surely would have noticed that it was occupied by four children.

It also appears that the residence under suspicion wasn’t even Aiyana’s… it was her upstairs neighbor’s.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s response is to ban television crews from filming police raids. I’m assuming that’s because he is concerned that there is incontrovertible evidence about Aiyana’s slaughter, and so police involvement cannot be covered up. Priorities, priorites. Let’s get this mayor an award!

Sign a petition demanding a civil rights investigation into Aiyana’s killing.


4 thoughts on “Detroit Police Shoot 7-Year-Old to Death

  1. If I recall correctly, there was criticism that the presence of a TV camera crew may have inspired them to act rashly-in order to give the camera crew some “action”, as sick as that is. Though I can’t find the article claiming that now.

  2. @Space Lizard: Thanks for noting that. Please post a link to the article in comments if you can find it! I, for one, would be very interested in reading it.

    The articles I read did not suggest in any way that the presence of TV crews “spurred on” the police killing. I would be surprised if that is actually what happened, and if therefore that is what Dave Bing is concerned about. That theory certainly makes him appear to be more of a human being than what I suggest above. However I’m not that hopeful about police/politician behavior. If you can find the link, I’ll read it and prepare to admit that I’m wrong. :)

  3. Here is a link to an article about the reality tv crew that were apparently there that night:

    “Detroit police spokesman John Roach confirms that the raid and attempted arrest of a homicide suspect at the two-unit house was being videotaped for an episode of the reality crime-show ‘The First 48.'”

    I found this and several other blog entries and articles by googling “first 48” and “detroit shooting,” in case you want to look for more.

    Obviously, though, prohibiting tv crews from filming raids doesn’t even begin to address this crime.

  4. Thanks for providing more info, Kate!

    What I don’t understand is how, if they know they are being filmed, police officers would act more carelessly.

    How’s this for euphemistic phrasing (from your cbs article): “police say an officer’s gun discharged and struck the sleeping girl”

    …i.e. a police officer shot a sleeping girl.

    According to the cbs article, it looks like the article I used as my source was incorrect in locating the suspect in the apartment above Aiyana. Assuming that the suspect was her father and that he lived in the same apartment as her, it would seem that the police were at least at the correct abode.

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