Leadership, Please?

Obama administration conflicted about relying on BP to stop gulf oil spill

With the realization that images of spoiled beaches and oil-covered animals are likely to become much worse in the coming weeks, the administration is torn between a political imperative — that it take a hard line with the oil giant — and a practical one — that it has no choice but to rely on the company to stop the flow.

Hasn’t an oil spill always been a known possibility with off-shore drilling? So why is there no plan? I find the government’s do-nothing response unconvincing. Yes, it is likely they do not have the expertise and technology of an oil company. But can the government not convene experts to advise them? Can the government not find contractors to hire who do have the expertise and technology?

Here’s a plan: 1. Locate experts. 2. Find contractors to carry out their recommendations. 3.(a) Ban BP from drilling in American waters forever. 3.(b) Fine the hell out of BP. Oh, and 4. Ban all off-shore drilling.

There, how hard was that?


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