Resources for Your Footprint and Your Health

Calculate your carbon footprint at WattzOn. This calculator is better than some of the ones you can find by random googling, but is still imperfect. It’s cool to see which of your activities contributes most to your carbon footprint. Air travel is the worst.

H/t Ayana J.

ALSO, I just heard about the Environmental Working Group, which offers a compendium of tips for avoiding poisonous industrial chemicals in many areas of your life. Huh, isn’t it strange that we have to rely on random non-profits to avoid life-threatening substances in common products? Doesn’t it seem like there should be some sort of government regulation preventing such toxins, or, even more radical, humans with functioning morals who work at the companies producing these products? I wonder what it feels like to live comfortably with money you make by offering poisonous products.

H/t Louise J.


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