Seattle Police Beating Up People of Color

From VivirLatino:

Here is a a video of a white police officer trying to arrest some black teenage women for jaywalking. He punches one in the face. You can read from the police transcript of the event here.

Here is an earlier incident where a white police officer, Shandy Cobane, kicked a young Latino man in the head while calling him racial slurs. The young man was eventually allowed to go free and was charged with no crime.


4 thoughts on “Seattle Police Beating Up People of Color

  1. Completely inexcusable (not that police brutality is ever excusable). It makes me think of the whole who is watching the watchmen idea and when groups start forming their own means of protection (like the Black Panthers) in response to police brutality and corruption within their communities. When those supposed to do the protection actively work against you and your community, why should you trust them? The history of police violence and general mistreatment of people of color is sickening.

  2. Good comment. I was taught to trust police as a suburban, middle-class white person growing up. However, when I saw how people who were immigrants, or poor, or trans, or people of color were/are treated, I realized that “trusting” the police was inappropriate. If I can “trust” police, but the police have carte blanche to mistreat those other groups I mentioned, that means I can trust police to work for me, and against marginalized people. That dichotomy shouldn’t exist. If the police can’t be trusted to serve ALL people, then they can’t be trusted. No need for me to show white solidarity against the interests of more marginalized people.

  3. And how much police brutality was there before the cops knew that they could be recorded at any time without their knowing it? How much police brutality is there that we don’t see because no one was around to record it? How much police brutality is ignored because no one would believe that cops could do what they are accused of?

  4. Good points Tom. It’s the same thing with rape. How much rape is ignored because no one could believe that the accused men could do what they are accused of?

    One interesting possible counterpoint to your argument is a theory surrounding the Detroit police murder of a 7yo black girl.

    The police were being filmed for a reality tv show when the incident happened. My thought is: why would they police act more egregiously when they know they are being filmed? Others responded that the police thought they needed to look active and tough and whathaveyou and so the filming spurred them on to more extreme and dangerous action.

    I don’t know if I find that compelling or not… like you Tom, I feel like the police tend to act more conservatively when they know there will be evidence of their actions.

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