Jan Brewer Gives Her Top 3 Imaginary Reasons for Hating Undocumented Immigrants

Jan Brewer, AWESOME governor of Arizona, recently explained on TV some little-known and untrue reasons to hate and fear immigrants:

1. They’ve been beheading people in Arizona.

2. A whopping 87% of illegal border crossers have prior criminal records.

3. The majority of ALL undocumented workers who come to America work as drug couriers for Mexican drug cartels.

She forgot to mention that 96% of “illegal border crossers” are also terrorists associated with Al-Qaeda forming sleeper-cells of Latino crypto-Muslims ready to strike our heartland at any moment, but I’ll forgive her that omission because she is very busy saving real Americans from the brown menace in so many other ways.

The Arizona Guardian did some fact-checking and wasn’t able to verify any of these claims, and since they are part of the liberal media, that only makes me all the more certain that what Brewer says is true.

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