The Pentagon wants to know if service members would attend military social functions with same-sex couples, whether they would be uncomfortable sharing a tent or shower with gay co-workers, and how their families would feel if they served in units that included gay men and lesbians.

Those are just some of the questions in a confidential survey sent to 400,000 active-duty and reserve troops this week as part of an effort to gauge reactions in the ranks if the military lifts its “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that has kept gay and lesbian troops in the closet for the last 17 years.

Does that sound creepy and simply intended to justify DADT by “proving” that our troops are so bigoted that homos can’t serve openly?

Well, you’re wrong.

[Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell] said charges by gay rights advocates that the survey is biased are “nonsense” and said it is “the only mechanism to to get a scientific gauge” of attitudes and potential challenges to repealing the law.

It’s not obvious bigotry, it’s Science people. You don’t hate science, do you?