Actually, We Like Our Toxic Waste Just Fine

Some of the denizens of Kellogg, Idaho and the surrounding Silver Valley area would really prefer the government not clean up the toxic mining waste in their community. So what if poisonous chemicals are found at record-setting levels in the bodies of their children. Because you know what, if the toxic waste clean-up efforts continue, it would be bad for business.

That’s right. The willingness of the government to clean up the toxic waste sends a bad message to mining companies, a message that some locals are trying to silence: Companies should have a plan for safe hazardous waste disposal. THE HORROR!!!

Or to put in the words of a concerned resident:

“They’ve got their environmental science degree from some place like Berkeley and they drive their Prius to the back hills of Idaho and here are a bunch of miners and they want to do what they think is best for us,” said attorney James McMillan.

We like our poisonous mining sludge just the way it is, thank you. That arsenic doesn’t just get into children’s blood by itself, for gosh sake!


One thought on “Actually, We Like Our Toxic Waste Just Fine

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