The Exciting Times V.6

Diversity Debate Convulses Elite High School

Heretic! Blasphemer! Polish Star Faces Trial on Claim Drunks Wrote Bible

Christian Pastor Promotes “International Burn a Koran Day”

U.S. Schools: Grooming Students for a Surveillance State

I Had A Nightmare

Totally different than the Muslim outcry over “Mohammed cartoons”: Catholics Try to Ban ‘Pregnant Nun’ Ice Cream Ad


One thought on “The Exciting Times V.6

  1. What about “International Burn a Koran Day” fits into the scope of a place called the “Dove World Outreach Center”? Nice use of a common symbol of peace, as well as appropriation of the idea that this is an outreach to the rest of the world. Very friendly gesture there. Something tells me this title is misleading.

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