People Growing Food & Saying Hello

“When the white man landed on the moon, my father cried. He said the day had to come, he knew; but still, he cried. I told him there weren’t any Indians on the moon, so stop crying. He said nothing for a long time. Then he said our spirits were there, too—and he was sure Indians were crying up there, and trying to hide, and hoping that soon they’d go back to their Earth, the white men, where they make so many people unhappy, and where they don’t know what to do next.

But my aunt told me, ‘the moon is yours to look at and talk to, so don’t worry.’ And I don’t. One day, you know, everything will settle down; there won’t be the Federal Government and their troops, or the army and navy and air force—only some people growing their food and saying hello and smiling when they speak and not worrying about landing on the moon.”

-Anonymous Oklahoma Indian boy, not long after the first moon landing.
From Native American Testimony, edited by Peter Nabokov, page 402


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