How Elitist Are You?

Are you a liberal elite? Does this quiz really reflect how conservatives stereotype view liberal “elites” or is it just in one angry wealthy white man’s head?  What happens if you are neither a liberal “elite” nor a conservative “real American”?

By Charles Murray and Claire Berlinski.

1. Can you talk about “Mad Men?” No.
2. Can you talk about the “The Sopranos?” No.
3. Do you know who replaced Bob Barker on “The Price Is Right?” No.
4. Have you watched an Oprah show from beginning to end? No.
5. Can you hold forth animatedly about yoga? Probably.
6. How about pilates? No.
7. How about skiing? No.
8. Mountain biking? No.
9. Do you know who Jimmie Johnson is? No.
10. Does the acronym MMA mean anything to you? No.
11. Can you talk about books endlessly? On a good day.
12. Have you ever read a “Left Behind” novel? No.
13. How about a Harlequin romance? No.
14. Do you take interesting vacations? I like to think so.
15. Do you know a great backpacking spot in the Sierra Nevada? No.
16. What about an exquisite B&B overlooking Boothbay Harbor? No.
17. Would you be caught dead in an RV? I lived in one.
18. Would you be caught dead on a cruise ship? Hell no.
19. Have you ever heard of Branson, Mo? DUH where do you think Midwesterners go on vacation??
20. Have you ever attended a meeting of a Kiwanis Club? I was in the youth version in high school.
21. How about the Rotary Club? No.
22. Have you lived for at least a year in a small town? A few months here, a few months there, working on farms.
23. Have you lived for a year in an urban neighborhood in which most of your neighbors did not have college degrees? Currently do.
24. Have you spent at least a year with a family income less than twice the poverty line? Just one year? I wish.
25. Do you have a close friend who is an evangelical Christian? No.
26. Have you ever visited a factory floor? Yes.
27. Have you worked on one? No.

Amusing and related discussion.


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