“What are you, a camel jockey?”

What is going on people? There is too much haterade being served up these days, and it is getting rather hard to handle, so I’m going to have to ask you to tone it down.

Like, WTF is this:

Two men have been arraigned on hate charges after allegedly beating an Imam, calling him a “camel jockey” and throwing his religious head covering onto the subway tracks early Wednesday morning.

And this:

The controversy started this summer as the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley moved ahead with plans to build a 25,000-square-foot mosque on a plot of land the group owns. The proposal stirred hostility with some residents because of fears the mosque would attract Islamic extremists.

Right, the muslims are the extremists here. I guess my irrational woman-brain just can’t comprehend your amazing feats of logic.


2 thoughts on ““What are you, a camel jockey?”

  1. One of my students dedicated her entire final essay in the course titled “Hispanic Civlization” trying to prove that, and I wuote verbatim, “Muslims have hated the Jews and the Christians since the times of Moses.”

    You are right, the logic is often stunning.

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