Vintage Kitty Christmas Cards

Obsession occurred, and here are the results:

Cat cameo with holly

Cats make snow cat

2 cats in heart

And there’s so much, much more…

2 cats with holly

Cat in wreath

Cat on red

Cat in gold frame

2 Cat Faces

2 cats in frame

White Cat & Girl

Musical Cats

Married Cats

Girl in Red with Cat

Other Girl in Red with Cat

Cat in Vase

2 Cats in Holly

Cats in purple frame

Sleeping Cat

Begging Cat

Another Cat with Holly

Creepy Christmas Cats

Cats in Green Box

Christmas Cat & Dog

Cats in Pots

Cats & Snowman

Cats with holly and butterfly

Joyous Cats with holly

Christmas Fur

Cat and fireplace

Cat lovers

Kitten and holly

Cats with ribbons

Cat with card

Cats on sticks

Cats in the window

Cats with daisies

Kittens with log

Kittens and hat box

Girl holding kittens

Cats Decorating 1906


5 thoughts on “Vintage Kitty Christmas Cards

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