Black Man in Diabetic Shock Attacked By Gang of White Cops

Ohio man John Harmon was experiencing low blood sugar levels while driving home from work one day in 2009. He grew woozy and started to swerve. Sheriff’s deputies observed the unsafe driving and pulled him over.

John Harmon

John Harmon is PISSED.


Deputies broke the window of Harmon’s SUV, shocked him seven times with a Taser, cut him out of his seatbelt and wrestled him to the ground, severely dislocating his elbow, and causing trauma to his shoulder and thumb.

…”I thought for sure I was going to die,” Harmon said. “I remember praying to God, ‘Help me through this.'”

After learning that he was experiencing a medical emergency, they charged him with “resisting arrest and failing to comply with a police officer’s order.” Harmon’s resulting surgeries and medical expenses total nearly $100,000.

Fortunately, Ohio State Trooper Chris Sanger arrived on the scene, caught some of it on video, and pulled the deputies off Harmon.

Harmon is suing four of the deputies involved in the assault: Ryan Wolf, Matthew Wissel, John Haynes and Shawn Cox, and their supervisor, Barbara Stuckey, who okayed the post-beating charges.

Interesting to note, though I am sure completely irrelevant to the incident, John Harmon is black while the attackers are white.

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