One Man’s Battle Against Ethnic Studies Continues…

Ah, the despicable Tom Horne. (See my previous post on this issue.)

From Colorlines:

In his final act as Arizona state school superintendent, Tom Horne called a news conference Monday morning to announce that the Tucson Unified School District is operating in violation of HB 2291, the bill he helped pass that banned ethnic studies programs across the state.

KTAR reports:

The Tucson Unified district is teaching students to be racist in violation of a new state law that took effect Dec. 31, Horne said.

“They teach kids that they are oppressed, that the United States is dominated by a white, racist, imperialist power structure that wants to opporess them,” [Tom] Horne said.

My textbooks also taught me that whites dominate America. The only difference between my class and the ones Horne describes is that Tucson teaches children that white supremacy is bad.

The law bans classes in kindergarten through 12th grade that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, promote resentment toward a race or class of people and are designed primarily for students of one ethic group.

My history classes as a youth were designed primarily for an ethnic group: whites. Whites discovered America, whites settled America, whites designed the American government, whites were the notable leaders, whites fought the key battles, whites defended freedom and liberty, white culture is the culture worthy of study, white struggles received special attention, white art, white philosophy, white authors, white white white. And I have a feeling it is no different in Arizona- AZ not being well known for its bigotry-free government institutions and all. In my school (located in a highly segregated community), we all celebrated white European-American culture and bonded over our shared ethnic status: i.e. membership in the dominant race. Could it possibly be the same in white-majority school districts in Arizona?

So I’m sure that as a fair-minded individual, with no personal ax to grind or anything, Tom Horne in his new role as AZ AG (aaaah!) will aggressively attack public school curriculum that treats whites as the most important race and focuses primarily on white history and achievement.

Augustine F. Romero, director of student equity in the Tucson schools, said, “All of our forefathers have contributed to this country, not just one set of forefathers. We respect and admire and appreciate the traditional forefathers, but there are others.”


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