Actual Reporting on the Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin workers fill the capitol building.

Protesters at the State Capitol building in Madison, demonstrating against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal. Photo: Getty Images/Mark Hirsch

First, my shouts out to Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Bahraini, Moroccan, and Yemeni protesters. I gotta wonder if protesters in Wisconsin haven’t found a bit of their energy and inspiration from these movements.

So many of us have noticed that the MSM has not found too much to report on in Wisconsin. I have deliberately been out looking for coverage, and it has been surprisingly thin. With the help of friends, I have these few suggestions:

From Colorlines: Thousands Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Attack

From Twin Cities Indymedia: Labor Unrest Rocks Wisconsin

Mother Jones: What’s Happening in Wisconsin Explained

Democracy Now!: Uprising in Wisconsin: Tens of Thousands Protest Anti-Union Bill

Alternet: Governor Walker’s Own Statement Proves that His Assault on Public Employees Has Nothing to do with Wisconsin’s Budget Shortfall

Political Carnival: Tea Party plan to impersonate union protesters: “Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes & pictures will linger as defacto truth.”

Yes! Magazine: Signs of the Times: The Best Protest Signs in Madison

In light of the article from Political Carnival, let us consider the post on Doug Ross @ Journal: Top 15 Photos From the Wisconsin Hate Rallies You’ll Never See in Legacy Media

And one of my favorite stories from this incident yet:
Bloomberg: Excuse notes from docs at protests draw scrutiny

As faculty absences grew, districts warned that teachers who missed time without prior approval or a doctor’s note could face disciplinary action, including docked pay for the days they were out.

Enter the activist doctors!

Also, solidarity:
Egypt Supports Wisconsin


Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes


Melissa at Shakesville is writing a series of posts for men who want to have more egalitarian interactions and relationships with women.

My faves from part 1:

1. Every woman is an expert on her own life and experiences.

9. Don’t play Devil’s advocate. Seriously. Just don’t.

From part 2:

Men’s socialization includes strong disincentives against asking and listening, and strong incentives to reflexively prioritize their own judgment and perspective, which many narratives in our culture exist to (wrongly) assure them is Objective Truth. That is one of the grandest lies that privilege tells any of us—your perspective as a person of privilege is not subjective; you are better capable of assessing truth than anyone compromised by their marginalization.

Read it all!!!