Actual Reporting on the Wisconsin Protest

Wisconsin workers fill the capitol building.

Protesters at the State Capitol building in Madison, demonstrating against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal. Photo: Getty Images/Mark Hirsch

First, my shouts out to Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan, Bahraini, Moroccan, and Yemeni protesters. I gotta wonder if protesters in Wisconsin haven’t found a bit of their energy and inspiration from these movements.

So many of us have noticed that the MSM has not found too much to report on in Wisconsin. I have deliberately been out looking for coverage, and it has been surprisingly thin. With the help of friends, I have these few suggestions:

From Colorlines: Thousands Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Attack

From Twin Cities Indymedia: Labor Unrest Rocks Wisconsin

Mother Jones: What’s Happening in Wisconsin Explained

Democracy Now!: Uprising in Wisconsin: Tens of Thousands Protest Anti-Union Bill

Alternet: Governor Walker’s Own Statement Proves that His Assault on Public Employees Has Nothing to do with Wisconsin’s Budget Shortfall

Political Carnival: Tea Party plan to impersonate union protesters: “Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes & pictures will linger as defacto truth.”

Yes! Magazine: Signs of the Times: The Best Protest Signs in Madison

In light of the article from Political Carnival, let us consider the post on Doug Ross @ Journal: Top 15 Photos From the Wisconsin Hate Rallies You’ll Never See in Legacy Media

And one of my favorite stories from this incident yet:
Bloomberg: Excuse notes from docs at protests draw scrutiny

As faculty absences grew, districts warned that teachers who missed time without prior approval or a doctor’s note could face disciplinary action, including docked pay for the days they were out.

Enter the activist doctors!

Also, solidarity:
Egypt Supports Wisconsin

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