Outsourcing to the US

“It’s ironic that Ikea looks on the U.S. and Danville the way that most people in the U.S. look at Mexico,” [union organizer Bill] Street said.

LA Times


2 thoughts on “Outsourcing to the US

  1. Frightening article. I mean, that’s scary. When I say to my fellow Americans that the US is a third-world country (which I don’t take to be 100% valid, but it’s a concept), they get very defensive. Why? We can figure this out if we recognize how the country around us works.

  2. Haha. I have a French friend visiting at the moment, and it’s kind of funny to see how appalled she is by some of the conditions here. My (low-income) neighborhood, the state of social services, the quality of public transportation, etc. I think part of it is the image of ourselves we project internationally, and how severely it clashes with reality. I keep telling her “I don’t live in a first world nation.”

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