40 Years of the War on Drugs

“The war on drugs functions like the new Jim Crow trapping an increasing population of black people in a permanent under caste.”
-Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

The 40th anniversary of the War on Drugs is June 17th. Earlier this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy issued a report stating that the War on Drugs has failed.

But informed observers have noted this for a long time. So why do we keep this “war” going? Why do we fund it?

Read this insightful commentary on Jack & Jill Politics: Our Most Successful War……… on Black People .

From that article:

If you believe as I do that the “war on drugs” has less to do with combatting drug use than it does with maintaining the ability to subjugate and marginalize black people, then the drug war has actually been one of the U.S. government’s most successful wars to date. It’s been successful in restoring a significant percentage of the black population to a condition of penal servitude; it’s been successful in increasing the rate of black on black violence (particularly among young men); it’s been successful in destroying countless families ravaged by addiction, incarceration, child welfare policies and homelessness; it’s been successful in maintaining high risk for drug-related HIV infection in black and Latino communities; it’s been successful in reducing the political power of black communities by disenfranchising millions of potential voters for felony drug convictions but most significantly it’s been successful in creating a wedge between the black middle class and the black poor.


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