Please Forgive My Massive Skepticism

Kenneth Harding was shot to death in San Francisco in front of dozens of witnesses on July 16th as he ran from police for not having a bus transfer.

Harding was a black teen, and the SFPD have a history of murdering black men, usually unarmed black men.

So please excuse my massive skepticism at the brand new police version of events:

[T]he community reacted with anger to the shooting of a young man who was videotaped bleeding helplessly in the middle of a Bayview street while police stood around him with guns drawn and a crowd gathered.

Then in a startling turn of events, authorities announced on Thursday that Harding had not been killed in a hail of police bullets after-all. They said he evidently shot himself — either intentionally or by accident — with a .380-caliber bullet that passed through his neck and into his head, killing him. A bullet of that caliber was found in his jacket pocket but the gun was missing.


Then for some reason SFPD released information about Harding’s criminal past, as though that somehow makes his shooting death acceptable.


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