Remember Poverty?

City Limits: Remember Poverty

I cannot recommend the latest issue of City Limits Magazine more strongly. This issue is titled “Remember Poverty” and contains several articles that are worth your time. The magazine is based in New York City, so the articles pertain to the specific NYC situation, but the general message is relevant to the whole country.

A short description of the issue from their website:

Fifteen years after federal welfare reform, five years after New York City embarked on a quest to reduce poverty, more Americans are poor than ever before and one in five New Yorkers remains below the poverty line. Yet poverty is absent from political debates and media headlines. Everyone, it seems, is tired of talking about poverty–except poor people. In this 35th anniversary issue, City Limits lets low-income New Yorkers talk about their daily fight for survival and independence. Their stories defy simple explanations of poverty’s causes or consequences. And they reveal that efforts to assist low-income people often serve to complicate their lives, even as they provide crucial support.

In other news, Warren Buffet recently had some interesting things to say in his article “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” in a recent New York Times:

OUR leaders have asked for “shared sacrifice”… [But] while the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks.

…88 of the 400 [Americans reporting the largest income] in 2008 reported no wages at all, though every one of them reported capital gains. Some of my brethren may shun work but they all like to invest.


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