The Face of the Modern Day Harriet Tubman

FL Rep Allen West

This man is Republican Florida Representative Allen West. Here is what he has to say these days:

You have this 21st-century plantation that has been out there, where the Democrat Party has forever taken the black vote for granted. And you have established certain black leaders, who are nothing more than the overseers of that plantation. And now the people on that plantation are upset, because they have been disregarded, disrespected, and their concerns are not cared about.

So I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman, to kind of lead people on the Underground Railroad, away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility.

I’m not sure what any of this means. An “Underground Railroad” that leads to a “sense of sensibility”? West has made a career of expanding American empire, supporting our invasion of other nations, and subjugating citizens of foreign nations. So could someone explain to me what this man has in common with Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave who literally, physically, personally helped scores enslaved Africans escape the South and liberated hundreds more in the Civil War? And went on to become a woman’s suffragist to boot, while establishing charity organizations to assist liberated blacks?

How does this compare to a man like West, who has publicly defended war criminals found even by our slanted court system to have unjustly murdered civilians in US-occupied Iraq?

How many people has he actually, physically removed from bondage into real, literal freedom?

He describes black Democrats as “plantation bosses”. I think while making political hay out of his perceived ability to safely attack black Democrats based on their shared race, he does a grave injustice to the memory of people who, like Tubman actually grew up on slave plantations.

Watch him actually say the words:


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