Hershey Abuses Foreign Student Workers

This protest is awesome:

From the Guestworker Alliance website:

On August 17, hundreds of student guestworkers from around the world were joined by unemployed American workers and labor leaders in a factory sit-in at the Hershey Chocolate Company packing plant in Pennsylvania.

The students paid $3,000-6,000 each to come to America this summer for what they thought would be a cultural exchange program. Instead, they found themselves packing chocolates at the Hershey’s plant in deeply exploitative conditions.

Their demands: end the exploitation of student workers at the Hershey’s plant, and make these jobs living wage jobs for local workers.

The NYT wrote on article on the situation: Not the America They Expected

You can follow the struggle on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #JusticeatHersheys or by following @NGAdignity.

Don’t forget to follow the Verizon strike’s progress also! Search for the hashtag #verizonstrike. You can sign a petition here. The Communication Worker’s of America’s website has all the latest details.

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