Stand with the 100 arrested OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTESTERS

A report on the Occupation of Wall Street by the Bail Out the People Movement:

In the wake of the outrageous murder of Troy Davis, on Saturday the NYPD violently attacked the Occupy Wall Street protesters for doing nothing but taking to the streets against racism, unemployment and bank bailouts. The
latest word is they will not be released until tomorrow.

With the police arresting over a hundred people, the anti-Wall Street demonstration ended a week where it was made crystal clear that the so-called justice system exists for oppressing, intimidating and silencing the people – killing us if need be – while the real criminals go free.

Carrying signs that said, “Justice For Troy Davis,” and “Jobs and Justice, not War and Racism,” the Occupy Wall Street protesters held a dynamic protest that started at Zucotti Park, went to the stock exchange, then
charged up Broadway to Union Square.

No sooner did protesters start up Broadway than the NYPD began picking off people to arrest, one by one. Many were tackled as they were simply walking in the march.

After the demostration started back south from Union Square, the police moved violently to shut the protest down: bloodying people’s heads, macing people in the face and using gigantic orange nets to seal off 12th Street between University Street and Fifth Avenue and arresting people en masse.

As the cops loaded people into an MTA bus – commandeered by the NYPD for the sole purpose of mass arrests – protesters chanted, “Let them go,” and “Cops serve the billionaires!”

The suffering caused by Wall Street and the for-profit system – whether through unemployment, foreclosure or the racist prison-industrial complex – has forced people onto the streets this week in cities all over the country.

This is what the start of a peoples’ movement looks like. But it is in its infancy. The police, media and courts will continue to harass and attack us while the balance of forces – i.e., how many people we have on our side and what they have on theirs – is in their favor.

Come to Zucotti Park at Broadway and Liberty Street in downtown Manhattan! We need forces! The more who join this dynamic campaign against the banks and billionaires, the more we will be able to defend this growing movement.

Call your friends, get whatever group you belong to involved, and stay tuned to the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page for updates on how to pack the court and support those who were arrested.

-Bail Out the People Movement

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website.

The Facebook ’cause’. (As opposed to ‘page’.)

Watch #occupywallst on Twitter or follow @OccupyWallSt.


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