Occupy Police Headquarters!

I was there!

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Rally Against “Excessive Force”

Their fight over corporate greed isn’t over yet, but protesters who’ve been camped out in Lower Manhattan for two weeks are now taking on a new issue.

Demonstrators marched from their main gathering point in Zuccotti Park to police headquarters Friday to shine light on what they say is excessive force used by the department.

Several people were maced and about 80 people arrested for disorderly conduct last weekend.

In other news, Mayor Bloomberg claims ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters are targeting bankers who ‘are struggling to make ends meet’. Oh yes he did.

In awesome critique news, South Bronx’s Rebel Diaz Arts Collective posted some reflections on race and culture dynamics at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

[T]he gut feeling was that there is a serious disconnect down there. We left with mad questions! Where was the hood? Where was the poorest congressional district in the USA, from The South Bronx at? Like we say in Hip Hop, where Brooklyn at? Could it be that perhaps the working class couldnt afford to just leave work and the responsibility of bills and family survival to camp out in a city park? Did folks from our communities not know about this? If people of color were occupying Wall St would we have lasted this long?

In non-news, 95% of MSM coverage of the protest has been absolutely vomitous. Like the insipid New York Times articles, for example. It’s as though their reporters are insulted at being asked to condescend to write about the concerns of common people.


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