How to Leave Your Bank

1. Go to or to find out what credit unions and community banks are near you.

2. Research their financial products, business practices, and membership requirements.

3. Visit the websites and physical locations of the ones you like best. Talk with employees to get a feel for their customer service.

4. Make an appointment with the credit union or community bank that impresses you the most to discuss how to transfer your various accounts and take care of any necessary paperwork.

5. Withdraw all your money from your bank and move it to its new location! Make sure that every single account at every single financial institution is completely closed out or they WILL keep charging you fees. Don’t forget to let them know your reason for leaving.

6. Enjoy NOT paying bank fees and NOT supporting the corporate take-over of America!


2 thoughts on “How to Leave Your Bank

  1. Thank you for your helpful instructions Czech. Unfortunately I am struggling to find a local Credit Union who will have me as a member. I’m feeling excluded. I am not a government employee, an employee of an insurance company, a student, a member of a church, a member of a union, etc. Can you recommend a good national credit union for the average person who can’t find a local credit union? This Brooklyn credit union looks PERFECT ( but it’s only for people who live in BedStuy or Bushwhick. Do I have no choice but to stay with my corporate bank?

  2. Go to the websites I mention in the post. At MoveYourMoney there are over 50 results if you search your zip code. Have you investigated them all?

    Also, another potential search site:

    Some people report being able to use non-local credit unions with wide membership requirements via the internet. If none of the 50+ local options work for you, perhaps an online credit union would be a work-around.

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