3rd Blogiversary

On this day (give or take) in 2008, the doors opened on a feisty little blog called The Czech. Three years later, I am still here, battling misogynists, privileged assholes, and the many ways the world fails to do justice to all.

As a reward, I give myself this Angry Turtle Cookie!

Photo by kittycakesbakery on Flickr.

Watch a surprisingly fast and hostile turtle attack fluffy kitties:

You can watch another angry turtle attacking cats here.

Or if angry turtles aren’t your thing, here is a nice tortoise giving a ride to an adorable kitten:


2 thoughts on “3rd Blogiversary

  1. Long live the Czech!

    Your audacious demands that people be treated with common decency and respect are always refreshingly provocative – your quill punctures deep. The Reptile, Kittie, and Cephalopod communities appreciate your support, keep up the great work.

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