Everyone Panic! Octomom’s Children Aren’t Gendered Enough!

Shamefully, I recently cast my eyes upon Yahoo News’ “OMG!” section. Yes, that is a real thing. Which I would normally not admit to doing, except for a tidbit I found there.

I noticed an article about Octomom’s allegedly poor housekeeping & parenting skills (her kids were barefoot! they got dirty!). Apparently her hairstylist was so disturbed by Nadya Suleman’s household that she reported her to the police. But what this stylist, going only by “Stephanie”, and the article both highlight as the *most* problematic and troubling aspect of her parenting is interesting. Says Stephanie:

“The boys have girls’ clothes on! I go over there and cut the kids’ hair for free because you can’t tell which ones are boys and which ones are girls, they all look the same!”

EVERYBODY PANIC! It’s worse than we thought!


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