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“I’m not calling Trump a racist. But he ought to quit quacking before people start believing he’s a duck.,” [Goldie Taylor] wrote.


The penis shown before the circumcision with the foreskin (left inset) and after the circumcision without the foreskin (right inset).Isn’t it weird to perform permanent elective surgery on the genitals of male infants? Shouldn’t that be something up to an adult to decide on, since it is his body and maybe as an adult he would want to have his genitals intact?

It’s extra weird that birthers are so concerned with whether Obama is circumcised or not. Because not being circumcised is ‘foreign’.

And it is concerning that there are advocates of mandatory circumcision for all male infants born in the US because of a misapplied study on HIV-transmission done in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. Advocates may soon include the Center for Disease Control… which is scary.  This could actually happen.  Men, time to rise up!

Read what Smile Pretty & Watch Your Back sez.

See the New York Times article.

Oh no. Hackers and patriotic Czech-Americans have dug up my original long-form birth certificate, and my cover is totally blown.  I wasn’t born in the Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia, or America. I was born in… KENYA!

Birth Certificate can help you unmask the true Kenyan birth of any person you choose to target.  Have at it!

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