NSA Spied on American Journalists

NSA whistle-blower Russell Tice made a (startling?) revelation on Keith Obermann’s show last night.  While working for the NSA, Tice was told that the agency would gather information about groups temporarily in order to make sure they were not a threat, and then move on.  He was led to believe that was the case with news agencies as well, but discovered upon making inquires that journalists, reporters and news agencies were under 24/7 surveillance.

Isn’t a free press one of the integral elements of a democracy? For what reason would the NSA harm an important element of free democracy?

Who does the NSA answer to? Tice also describes how the NSA would dodge reporting to the DoD, the CIA, and Congress. So… who do they answer to?

Jesus am I glad that the Bush administration is gone. I would like to hope that I don’t have to worry about these creepy tentacles of totalitarianism anymore.

Partial transcript