“Feminism Is for Men Too!”

male feministI’m going to express an unpopular opinion. This is a reaction to social media memes that aim to make feminism feel safe and non-threatening to men by saying some variation of “feminism helps men too!”

To be honest, my feminism has nothing to do with men. If men want to begin a movement to dismantle toxic masculinity, I’d support that. But I am not doing this work and living this life for men. I’m doing it for me, for my liberation from this painful patriarchy, and for other women.

I am not trying to make feminism “safe” for men. My feminism is supposed to make them uncomfortable. It is about liberation from men’s oppression, so it had better make them uncomfortable! I am not down with this safe neo-liberal brand of feminism that focuses on centering men and making sure men are comfortable with what the little feminist women are up to.

I’m not trying to collect male allies.  Men can decide based on their own consciousness whether or not they would like to stop behaving in sexist, oppressive ways. But self-declared “male allies” are usually the ones who hurt me the most because they use that label to distract from their *actual behavior*, which is just as shitty. However, I can spot a man who is truly acting in solidarity with women from a mile away. It’s his actions, not his words, that make it obvious.

4 waysLike do we make the Black Lives Matter people say “Oh we’re fighting for white victims of police brutality too?” in order to legitimize them in white eyes? Do we make BDS activists explain how actually, their movement is equally pro-Israeli government as it is pro-Palestine? So that Israelis aren’t offended? No we do not.

The “we’re just like you!” and “our cause will also benefit [fill in privileged group of oppressors who is the reason the cause exists]” tactics in social justice movements are conservative trends that neutralize the radical message of equality and liberation and turn it into a superficial popularity contest that is no longer a threat to the status quo.

Cooptation.  That’s what it’s called.

My feminism isn’t simply “to be equal to men”.  I don’t like the society, the government, or the world that male supremacy has created. I’d rather men start their own movement “to be equal to women”.

Why Might a Man Be a Feminist?

Here’s part of a great answer:

I am a feminist because I do not want that right, because I never want to stand on the same side as my abusers;

I am a feminist because, if I am honest with myself, I cannot deny that I am, as a man, always and already on that side, because to be honest with myself is to recognize the changes that my side needs to make…

The Gender Pay Gap, 1st Year Out of College

From The Statesman, by Ann Daly:

A woman graduating with a bachelor’s degree last year earned a median starting salary of $36,451. For a man, it was $44,159. When you calculate a lifetime of percentage raises and compound interest, that nearly $8,000 difference is staggering.

As demoralizing as the findings of “Gender and College Recruiting” might be for this year’s female grads, its implications for future generations of women in the workplace are downright alarming. NACE’s analysis, which painstakingly isolates a systematic gender effect by taking into account the differential salary levels among majors and then comparing salaries within the same major, gives lie to the conventional wisdom that paycheck parity will somehow materialize for women with the mere passage of time.

Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes


Melissa at Shakesville is writing a series of posts for men who want to have more egalitarian interactions and relationships with women.

My faves from part 1:

1. Every woman is an expert on her own life and experiences.

9. Don’t play Devil’s advocate. Seriously. Just don’t.

From part 2:

Men’s socialization includes strong disincentives against asking and listening, and strong incentives to reflexively prioritize their own judgment and perspective, which many narratives in our culture exist to (wrongly) assure them is Objective Truth. That is one of the grandest lies that privilege tells any of us—your perspective as a person of privilege is not subjective; you are better capable of assessing truth than anyone compromised by their marginalization.

Read it all!!!

It’s the Privilege Denying Dude!

Check out Privilege Denying Dude here. But be warned: sometimes he’s a little too real.

Por ejemplo:

Privilege Denying Dude

Too real?

Update 11/16/10: I am not making this up: the model in the photograph, as well as the owner of the photograph are claiming that being an internet meme is not lawful use of this image, and have convinced Tumblr to take down the Privilege Denying Dude website.

But, all is not entirely lost. PDD has continued to flourish on the Meme Generator, now with several new faces, belonging to white men who don’t mind contributing to feminist and anti-racist critique!

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Meeting a beautiful woman can be bad for your health, scientists have found.


Oh yeah? Whose health? All people? Bad for other beautiful women? Bad for whom?

Oh, right. Bad for men. Who are the only ones who read the news, and therefore addressing all news readers as though they are men is totally appropriate. Also, these male readers must all be straight, since it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to assume gay men may not have the same feelings about women as straight men.

But remember people, IT’S SCIENCE!

Is it the existence of an attractive woman that is bad for men’s health, or is it society’s and men’s unhealthy attitudes about women that trigger men’s supposedly negative health reactions?

Obviously, this is something that women are deliberately doing to men, to harm them. We women are deliberately attractive to men as a gigantic plot to destroy them. The University of Valencia in Spain, where this study was conducted, has finally outed our massive, world-encompassing secret! Women are nefarious by nature and can never be trusted.

Bonus info: Apparently in Germany, this news was an even bigger hit, and the headlines are even worse. For example:

Schöne Frauen sind schlecht fürs Herz (Beautiful Women Are Bad for Your Heart)

Nachrichten : Schaden Schöne Frauen Der Gesundheit? (Do Beautiful Women Harm Your Health?)

Schöne Frau, gestresster Mann (Beautiful Woman, Stressed Out Man)

Schöne Frauen stressen
(Beautiful Women Are Stressful)

Not White Enough? There’s an App for That!

From Colorlines:

Vaseline is offering a Facebook app in India that allows users to whiten their profile pictures on the site.

[…]Now please don’t think Vaseline is doing this to promote white supremacy in India on purely ideological grounds. There’s profit to be made from a racial hierarchy that places white at the top. The Facebook app is part of Vaseline’s summer campaign to promote their new skin-lightening cream…for men.

Vaseline and Facebook team up to promote white supremacy.

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapur has lent his face to this white supremacy campaign.

The Exciting Times v.5

So much news, so little time!

Grassroots Oil Clean-up Efforts
Seeing a complete lack of action on the part of the US government or BP, some Louisiana residents take control as oil washes ashore. Some even commandeered idle BP-hired boats!

Men, Masculinities, and Peacebuilding
Gender Across Borders discusses an awesome new manual for men against violence and sexism. International case studies included!

Drug bust or racist revenge for Louisiana Jena 6 victory?
Uh oh.

At 4 a.m. on July 9, 2009, more than 150 officers from 10 different agencies gathered in a large barn just outside Jena, Louisiana. The day was the culmination of an investigation that Sheriff Scott Franklin said had been going on for nearly two years. Local media was invited, and a video of the Sheriff speaking to the rowdy gathering would later appear online.

The Sheriff called the mobilization “Operation Third Option,” and he said it was about fighting drugs. However, community members say that Sheriff Franklin’s actions are part of an orchestrated revenge for the local civil rights protests that won freedom for six Black high school students – known internationally as the Jena Six – who had been charged with attempted murder for a school fight.

One thing is clear: The Sheriff spent massive resources. Yet officers seized no contraband. Together with District Attorney Reed Walters, Sheriff Franklin has said he is seeking maximum penalties for people charged with small-time offenses. Further, in a parish that is 85 percent white, his actions have almost exclusively targeted African Americans.

Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse

Here’s a neat-o website: Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse.

About MMADA:

Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse (MMADA) is an organization dedicated to domestic tranquility. By joining our group, you make a commitment never to engage in, support, or remain silent about the physical, psychological, and emotional abuse of Muslim and non-Muslim women and children.

They’re based out of Illinois, of all places. Anyway, sounds cool. Also check out their Call to Action.

Unspeakable Rage

I am almost too upset about this to even write about it. So I’ll let Jaclyn Friedman do most of the talking via the Nation:

On Sunday, as nearly 100 million Americans gather to watch the New Orleans Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, they’ll be treated to something they’re probably not expecting: an ad speaking out against abortion. The spot, produced by the extreme right-wingers at Focus on the Family, features Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, who claims she was advised by doctors to abort fetal Tim but “chose life” instead.

Let us not forget that last week CBS turned down an ad for ManCrunch, a gay dating site for men. While ManCrunch is simply a product, and CBS traditionally takes ads for whichever products are willing to pay for them, the ad was turned down. On the other hand, CBS has a history of turning down “advocacy ads”, which the FoF ad is. WHAT THE FUCK. Why is CBS using this bully pulpit to indoctrinate men further with dreams of a stronger, better patriarchy?

I hate life right now. Go read the whole Nation article by Jaclyn Friedman, but here are two more of her thoughts from the article.

[T]he Focus on the Family ad [is] thirty seconds of squeaky-clean “family values” that make the astonishing claim that women shouldn’t have abortions because they might be gestating a future male sports star. There’s a lot wrong with this argument, not the least of which is the statistical reality that it’s significantly more likely that women who choose to carry their fetuses to term will give birth to rapists or murderers than to Heisman Trophy winners.


The ad becomes even more disturbing when we consider who it’s trying to reach. Assuming that Focus on the Family operates with the same mindset as most Super Bowl advertisers (and there’s really no evidence to suggest otherwise), it’s also safe to assume that men are one of the primary targets of this spot. So now what we’ve got is an ad telling men that it’s wrong for women to abort their potential children, lest those children not get the chance to grow up to be famous quarterbacks who paint Scripture references into their eyeblack.

Republicans For Rape

Republicans for Rape

This grand new website contains “the list of thirty legislators who were brave enough to stand up in defense of rape and vote against Senator Al Franken’s anti-rape amendment to the 2009 Defense Appropriations bill.  We applaud these courageous men!  Roll over the portraits with your mouse to see the Senator’s phone number, or click on a portrait to visit the Senator’s contact page.   We encourage you to send your kind words to these gentlemen!”

Good to see my old pal Sam Brownback of Kansas up there, as well as both reps from Oklahoma (see previous post).

H/t to Bint Alshamsa.

State Sanctioned Misogyny Quite Popular in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a wretched track record when it comes to women’s bodily autonomy. I have written about the law requiring doctors to show them “the baby” on their ultrasound, the law forcing extra medical penetration on women seeking abortion, and the fact that OK allows health insurance agencies to deny medical coverage to women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Anyways, get ready for more of the same.

As of November 1, doctors in Oklahoma will be compelled — under penalty of criminal prosecution — to post the details of each abortion they perform online. Among the details to be posted for every abortion is the patient’s age, marital status and race; her financial condition; her education; and the total number of her previous pregnancies.

This amazing piece of law-making is called the Statistical Reporting of Abortions Act. Women must answer 37 personal questions about themselves that would, though names won’t be posted, make it easy to identify many of the women who get abortions in Oklahoma.

No reason. Oklahoma just wants to know. Or wait, no, that’s not right, Oklahoma is Just Doing It For Women’s Own Good. Because women benefit by… uh… alright, I can’t find even a facetious reason for Oklahoma to do this.

We have two men to thank for this “common-sense legislation” (their term): Republican Senator Todd Lamb and Republican Representative Dan Sullivan.
Todd LambDan Sullivan

You can contact Mr. Lamb here.

You can contact Mr. Sullivan here.

Mike the Mad Biologist has an excellent suggestion: “Why don’t we just tattoo a Scarlett “A” on their foreheads?”

Thank the Lord two women are suing the state, Lora Joyce Davis and former state Rep. Wanda Jo Stapleton, with the help of the Center for Reproductive Rights. I’m sure CRR could use your support right now.

Rachel Maddow recently did a show on this very issue.

Mandatory Infant Circumcision is Weird, No?

The penis shown before the circumcision with the foreskin (left inset) and after the circumcision without the foreskin (right inset).Isn’t it weird to perform permanent elective surgery on the genitals of male infants? Shouldn’t that be something up to an adult to decide on, since it is his body and maybe as an adult he would want to have his genitals intact?

It’s extra weird that birthers are so concerned with whether Obama is circumcised or not. Because not being circumcised is ‘foreign’.

And it is concerning that there are advocates of mandatory circumcision for all male infants born in the US because of a misapplied study on HIV-transmission done in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. Advocates may soon include the Center for Disease Control… which is scary.  This could actually happen.  Men, time to rise up!

Read what Smile Pretty & Watch Your Back sez.

See the New York Times article.

Femicide in North America


George Sodini seethed with anger and frustration toward women. He couldn’t understand why they ignored him, despite his best efforts to look nice.

…He went to the sprawling L.A. Fitness Club in this Pittsburgh suburb, turned out the lights on a dance-aerobics class filled with women, and opened fire with three guns, letting loose with a fusillade of at least 36 bullets.

And again and again.

Mass murderers. Serial killers. Drug cartel members. Domestic abusers. Rapists.

They so often choose their victims based on gender. Yet we don’t seem to ever have a conversation, as a society, that gets toward explaining this. We never ask ourselves, “Why is it so often that men kill women, and so infrequently the reverse?”

Men often kill men as well. As a matter of fact, man-on-man murders make up almost two thirds of all murder in the USA. Man-on-woman murders make up a quarter of all murder. Women commit 12% of murders, though they make up slightly more than half of the US population.

But how often do we find, after a man or many men are killed by a male murderer, diaries and web posts and suicide notes filled with hatred towards men? How often do they blame men for all their troubles, and speak of men with burning misandrist hatred? How often do they desire to “put men in their place”?

That’s not why men get murdered. But it is why women get murdered. So what are we going to do about it?

If we ask the MSM or an average person, we are not only not going to do anything, we aren’t going to even TALK about it. We can’t manage to even discuss this murderous misogyny in our midst. And women keep getting killed for being born women.

And what about the women whose femaleness intersects with other oppressed identities?

They die in larger numbers. And their killers are rarely found.

Indigenous WomenThe over 400 poor women in Cuidad Juárez.

The hundreds of indigenous women in Canada and America.

So when can we talk about this? In America, in North America, globally? We hear the phrase “gender-based violence” applied once and awhile to “other” countries. Can we learn from activists in Papua New Guinea and the Congo and name our problem? Can we admit that this problem, which we like to assign to those “other” countries in order to assert our superior enlightenedness, exists in our own front yard?

If we can’t name the problem, how can we solve it? The claim that it is “obvious” that men commit more crime because they are naturally more violent, and therefore there is no point in discussing the obvious… well that claim I find more than dubious. I consider it an acceptance of the status quo. And the status quo is lost lives, and women killed because they were born female.

Male violence, as indicated by the numbers mentioned above, arguably affects more male victims even than female victims, if you go by sheer numbers. It sounds like women AND men could benefit from a big discussion of male violence. Everyone benefits. Or so it seems, because if EVERYONE benefited there would be no obstacle to discussion. Who benefits?

Powerful men. Men with political power, men with money, men with capital. They benefit from male power-over, and any male power-over cannot exist without violence against those who are under this power. Because those without power will always struggle for equality, and that struggle must always be put down.

Powerful men benefit. The vast majority of people suffer. Where do you stand? Are you ready to talk?


1 in 4 South African men admit to rape.

From the article:

Gender advocates say that the 2006 rape trial of prominent politician Jacob Zuma was incredibly damaging to their cause. Zuma, who was elected President this year, was tried and acquitted of raping an HIV-positive family friend. He told the court that the woman had dressed provocatively, in a traditional wrap-around kanga, and that it was against Zulu culture for a man to leave a sexually aroused woman unsatisfied.

Setting aside for a moment the question of What is a “gender advocate”?, this is all quite seriously fucked up. The South African president is essentially a self-admitted and unashamed rapist. Wow, what to say.

For anyone reading in South Africa, here is a list of women’s organizations, some of which may provide support to rape victims and work against violence against women. There is also Rape Crisis, Cape Town and Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre.

Repost: How Not To Be An Asshole: A Guide For Men

Blast from the Past! (Well, 2007) I can’t believe I left this guide out of my “101 101” post. Sometimes I read it when I need to get calmed the fuck down. Here it is, in it’s entirety. Written by Chris Clarke.
In the recent discussion about Kathy Sierra and Markos’ febrile and clueless response to her, I see there are some kind, helpful men who are taking pains to make sure emotion doesn’t run rampant in the discussion, that unfair accusations of misogyny or characterizations of harassment statistics get spread in an understandable emotional response to a few very upsetting instances of harassment by piglike men who fall far outside the norm. Surely, these men reason, we mustn’t let these nasty experiences color our judgment of the actual events involved. Surely it helps no one to make wild and baseless charges without looking, in uber-dispassionate detachment, at the actual statistics and methodology and margin of error of the studies that show women get harassed more than men. Come, let us reason together calmly, they say. References to Salem and the McMartin pre-school and such come unbidden to their lips.

I’m a big fan of dispassionate, rational, fact-based discussion of the issues myself, and it is in that spirit that I offer, to my brethren who’ve taken it upon themselves to be a shining light of dispassion on this topic, these fraternal words of guidance:

Shut the fuck up.

Here are a few of the actual facts that prompt the above sage counsel:

– You are not saying anything the women you’re talking to haven’t heard a thousand times before. You are not saying anything the women you’re talking to haven’t told themselves a thousand times before. If you would actually stop your reflexive know-it-all yammering and pay attention to what women actually SAY about the offenses they suffer on the sexual harassment – rape continuum, you will note that almost to a woman they second-guess their own gut feelings about the putative offender far beyond the point where almost any man would.

– You are wrong. If you doubt that the nature of abuse and harassment women suffer, online or off, differs from that men experience, then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Oddly, the Internets offer a way for you to verify this fact for yourself. About a dozen years ago, at the urging of a feminist online acquaintance, I logged on to AOL using an obviously female but non-provocative handle. (“AliciaMN.”) Within five minutes of logging on I had sexually abusive IMs popping up from men I didn’t know. Didn’t matter which room I was in: general chat, politics, classical music. I kept up the experiment for I think four days, a couple hours a day, sometimes chatting with people about non-sexual topics, sometimes just lurking. Two of the men who IMed AliciaMN with blatantly and obnoxiously sexual messages – “Hey, I’m up in Alaska! How ’bout you thaw my dick out with your throat?” being an example I recall – responded to my NON-response by telling “Alicia” she deserved to get raped.

This is neither new nor surprising information to any woman here. I mention it because 1) maybe if a man says it it’ll be taken seriously and 2) it implies a suggestion that disbelievers find a venue equivalent to AOL in its heyday and repeat my experiment, in the spirit of dispassionate empiricism.

– If no woman in your life has ever talked to you about how she lives her life with an undercurrent of fear of men, consider the possibility that it may be because she sees you as one of those men she cannot really trust.

– Finally, let’s assume just for the sake of argument that you’re right. You aren’t. But just as a gedankenexperiment, let’s pretend you are, and that the women who are talking about the massive deadweight silence from men about the harassment they experience, and who are getting all upset and speaking in terms of “war zones” and “hate crimes” and such are just being emotional, hysterical even, and – like the people who forward that bogus email about the guy with the ropes and duct tape in hs trunk in the mall parking lot – just need to be set straight with a calm, measured dose of logic and fact-checking.

In most situations, that’s a fine impulse. There really is no reason to get upset about LSD in blue star tattoos, and Bill Gates really isn’t paying people who forward a chain email.

But this situation is qualitatively different. When the topic at hand is men not taking an issue seriously, suggesting that the issue might not really be all that serious is not being dispassionate. It is, in fact, taking a side. And the people on the side you’re taking, incidentally, include the gropers, the rapists, the sexual-favor-demanding bosses.

In short, if you’re interested in quibbling with the data or suggesting alternate interpretations of what Kos really meant when he called Kathy Sierra a lying “crying blogger,” and your goal is not to be a flaming asshole, shut the fuck up.

And when you shut the fuck up, two magical things happen:

1) You’re no longer actively contributing to the very problem you’re discussing;
2) It’s easier to listen to what the women are actually saying.

This can be found at My Left Wing.

Men’s Rights Activists Attack Domestic Violence Shelter

Dallas, you’ve done it again.

I just read about this load of crap today, and it moved me to tears. A bunch of men’s rights activists (MRAs) are attacking the funding and advertising of Dallas domestic violence shelter The Family Place. Why? Because The Family Place placed ads in Dallas’ public transportation system that suggested some men perpetrate domestic violence.

For those new to the MRA phenomena, this is a movement of anti-feminist men who claim to support father’s rights and men’s rights in general. However, seeing as how The Family Place provides services to male children and adult men who are victims of DV, it is pretty clear that they are more concerned with preserving male privilege in society than with helping men in need. MRAs have set up a total of zero shelters for male victims of DV.

They have even gone so far as to call the shelter’s donors and ask them to stop contributing money. They have not gone so far as to raise money to buy ads that raise awareness of male victims of violence. Interesting. Attacking resources for women, ignoring the plight of needy men. Nice.

Here are the links to find out all you need to know about this horrible story. You can donate to The Family Place on their website or through Alas, a blog, which is matching donations made this week.

3-Part Series on Alas:
Anti-Feminists Protest Domestic Violence Awareness Ads in Dallas

Domestic Violence Shelter Targeted by Anti-Feminists: “Some of the vile language and verbal abuse we took on the phone was horrific.”

The Family Place To MRAs: “Instead of bashing women’s organizations, stand up and help somebody yourself.”

The post at Womanist Musings

Story in the Dallas News

The Family Place website

I would like to add a personal note to the men in my life, and the men out in cyberspace reading this. If you become an activist to help male victims of violence, male victims of child abuse, incarcerated men, men who want to be better fathers, I SUPPORT YOU. Let me know what I can do to help you. Do not expect women to lead the fight for men’s issues, just as men haven’t, nor are expected to, lead the fight for women’s issues. But if you do take up that battle, I am here to support you.

I do not support the MRAs, however.

Are These Women Really Knock-Outs?


KAMPALA (AFP) – Uganda’s police warned male bar-goers to keep their noses clean after a probe found a gang of robbers had been using women with chloroform smeared on their chests to knock their victims unconscious.

“They apply this chemical to their chest. We have found victims in an unconscious state,” Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) spokesman Fred Enanga told AFP.

“You find the person stripped totally naked and everything is taken from him,” he said. “And the victim doesn’t remember anything. He just remembers being in the act of romancing.”

From Yahoo News.

This doesn’t sound believable to me. For one, if men could be knocked cold simply by proximity to a woman’s chloroformed breasts, wouldn’t the women wearing the chloroform on their bodies be similarly affected?

Oh, and props to Yahoo News for totally taking advantage of this story to post a completely inappropriate picture. Classy stuff.

Teaching Gender Differentiation to Children

Women and men are born with biological differences. All fetuses are first formed as female. Starting at four weeks, fetuses with a Y chromosome are exposed to washes of chemicals called androgyns. Androgyn changes some aspects of the affected fetuses so that they will develop physically into boys, with varying degrees of psychological and physical differentiation from girls. This is sexual differentiation.

Each society has developed its own methods to handle the differences between girls and boys. Across the world, societies have designated a rainbow of different kinds of roles for women, men and people who don’t fit easily into gender roles. What may be part of a woman’s gender in one community could be part of a man’s gender in another, as babies aren’t born knowing how to chop firewood or sell goods in the marketplace. In one community, little girls are taught that selling goods is a “part” of being a woman. In another, little boys are taught that selling goods is a “part” of being a man. Societies often come to think of these more or less arbitrary designations as “natural”.

We in America have also developed different roles for men and women as a way to address sexual differentiation. Over time, we have come to regard certain tasks and behaviors as naturally female or male. We train our children to become habituated to these roles – to internalize them.

It is important to recognize that the way we gender children is arbitrary, and in American society, sometimes harmful.

The argument for why our gender rules harm women is well-known. In our past we saw such human rights abuses as enslavement to husbands, socially-sanctioned physical and sexual abuse, restricted civil rights and severely curtailed access to public life, including the ability to attend higher education or choose a career. These human rights abuses of the past were justified by a male chauvinist society that gave “naturalized” reasons for why this was “part” of being a woman.

Because of racism in society, women of different skin colors had different gender roles – even within one society, America’s, gender was not applied evenly across-board. Whereas white women were naturally delicate and weak, and therefore must be confined to light house work, black women were naturally strong and hearty, and therefore could work outside the home (in service to whites).

Today we can look at empirical data and still see sex-differentiated life outcomes among America’s population. The wage gap in men’s favor is well-documented. There is also over- and under-representation of men in certain career fields. Men are more likely to be CEOs or POTUS, but also to abuse women and children, and to go to jail. Women get the majority of college degrees, but are more likely to live in poverty and to be on welfare.

Americans must examine their reasons for teaching children certain behaviors based on their sex. In many ways, it is clear differentiated treatment is harmful. Boys are taught to use aggression to solve problems and to stifle emotion. Girls are taught not to excel and to put other’s needs before their own. Why? Is someone benefiting from behaviors such as these? Do we have evidence that our gender rules lead to greater happiness?

Certain aspects of both America’s genders are clearly harmful, yet other aspects are positive: women are taught to value relationships, communication and collaboration. Men are taught to value personal strength, independence and achievement. Why can’t we discard teaching children the negative gender-related characteristics? Why can’t every child learn clearly positive traits such as good communication and independence? If a woman can rely on herself instead of a man, if a man can communicate his emotions instead of resorting to violence, where is the harm? Yet society seems to recoil when a person of one sex assumes too many traits of the gender associated with the other sex. Why is that?

(c) idyllicmollusk 8/08

Science Sez: 100% of Rape Accusations Made By Women Are False

Trigger alert.

Did you know that 100% of rape accusations made by women are false? Fact. Researchers working at the nonpartisan Women Always Lie Institute (WALI) came up with this percentage by taking the number of rape allegations made by U.S. women in 2007 and applying the well-established “Women Are Never to Be Trusted” principle to the data. Though many groups dispute the percentage of rape allegations that are false, the percentage determined by this study can be trusted because no women were allowed on the research team.

Rape is not common. In fact, it is so uncommon as to pretty much not exist. If rape happened as often as women’s advocates and feminists suggested (1 in 6 American women) it would be a cause of national concern! People would be rioting in the streets! That would mean that 17.7 million American women have been raped. Clearly, that can’t be possible, because something would be done about it if these numbers were true.

Fortunately, they aren’t. Unbiased WALI social scientists have thoroughly debunked all instances of rape allegations. Advocates and feminists claim that 73% of the “victims” know their assailants. We can safely discount this 73% of rapes, as research indicates they stem from vengeful feminazis who come to regret their sexual choices the day after. In order to maintain clear consciences and clear reputations, all they have to do is scream “rape” and violá, suddenly scores of innocent men are trooped off to jail in shackles while the scheming woman runs free without a blemish on her record. So right off the bat, science discredits almost three quarters of “rapes”.

The existence of the remaining 27% of rapes hinges in society’s belief in the “man hiding in the bushes” myth. Tireless women’s-rights advocate Phyllis Schlafly dispels this notion handily: “Virtuous women are seldom accosted,” she says. “Men hardly ever ask sexual favors of women from whom the certain answer is no.” So from this statement we can surmise that supposedly “virtuous” women who claim to be “raped” by strangers most likely in some way provoked and desired the encounter. Again, research by WALI supports this debunking. WALI researchers conducted a phone survey of a random, nation-wide sample of 100 adult American males personally known to them. Not a single one reported an instance in which he had hidden in bushes and jumped out to sexually assault a woman.

Many readers of this article may be shocked at the alarming frequency with which women lie about rape (17% of women have told this lie). Perhaps you, like myself and many others, are wondering if you can do something about this lie epidemic, which tragically tarnishes the romantic lives and reputations of so many upstanding men. Fortunately, there is a movement which is struggling against the mighty foe of scurrilous women’s special interest groups. This movement is called the Men’s Rights Movement. To learn more about their courageous work against women who claim to be raped, just visit this website: http://www.freewebs.com/AntiFeminist.

Together, we can stop lying, scheming misandrist women.

© Havlová 5/14/08