Felonious Birth Control

In Texas…

A high school girls basketball coach [and math teacher] is facing a felony charge for giving a “morning-after pill” to a student who was worried that she was pregnant, according to an arrest affidavit released today.

The girl was 16, and the law is that not until you are 17 are you able to get emergency contraception over the counter. The criminal teacher’s bail was set at $15,000.


Repro Freedom: A Hit and a Miss

From the Seattle Times: Judges strike broad ban on Wash. Plan B rules . Holla! An injunction against a Washington Pharmacy Board regulation mandating that all pharmacies dispense Plan B has been overturned. Yay. This is, of course, only a battle in the larger war for Plan B access. H/t Chloë.

Via Bilerico, I learned of Gena Edvalson, a mother in Utah who has been denied visitation rights to her child because she was the non-bio lesbian mother. The biological mother, Jana Dickson, broke up with Gena, married a man, and decided she was going to use homophobic laws and judges to prevent Gena from seeing her child again. FUCKED UP. Read the story at the link.