National Week of Actions Everywhere against SB1070

Against SB 1070I had a hard time finding much in the MSM, or even the bigger liberal or progressive media sources about the week of actions in Arizona and across the United States against SB1070 and for immigrant rights.

So much went down! So here is an assemblage of news:

Timeline of protests across Arizona on July 29.

Great info page on

Dozens Arrested in Protests of AZ Immigration Law on

AZ immigration-law protests lead to arrests, street closures from the Arizona Daily Star

SB 1070 Rage: Salvador Reza, Alfredo Gutierrez, Scores of Others Arrested in Phoenix from the Phoenix News

Photos gracias a Puente Arizona

And interestingly, the judge who placed on injunction on part of SB1070 is receiving threats.

Brown and Proud sign is held by a woman at a pro-immigrant action.

Photo by Anita Sarkeesian

Please add anything I missed in the comments.