“I did a lot of things that were mostly right.”


Yep, today’s top quote from corrupt, failed politician Rod Blagojevich, right before his conviction by the Illinois State Senate.

This guy, in addition to having issues with driving a state while drunk on power, has plenty of personal issues. During the last two months his grip on reality has loosened more and more.

He claimed that he wanted to appoint Oprah to Obama’s Senate seat,

…compared himself to Gandhi, Mandela and King,

…boycotted his own trial in order to appear on TV,

…managed to make his own lawyer quit on him,

…has quoted King, Tennyson, and Kipling while defending himself,

paraded sick people supposedly helped by his programs at a press conference…

…and brought the governance of Illinois to a screeching halt while acting out his self-created drama.

The man clearly lacks all capability of self-reflection. He appears to have sincerely convinced himself that his actions, though well documented, do not amount to wrong-doing. Good riddance!