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Implausibly, Michael Steele was supposed to be like a pied piper to black people, leading them to the Republican Party by… being black himself, I suppose. I guess he was hoping on a kind of “What’s the Matter with Kansas” effect.

Apparently, blacks and other voters of color have failed to materialize for the Repubs. In 2008, before Michael Steele was elected to lead the RNC, 28% of “non-white voters” viewed the Republican Party favorably. Now that number is 23%. Good work, Michael.

So here’s the quote of the day, à la Perry Bacon Jr. and Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post:

Beyond a handful of speeches by Steele before minority audiences, there is little evidence the GOP has launched an “off the hook” public relations offensive that would take the party to “urban-suburban hip-hop settings,” as Steele promised in an interview with the Washington Times shortly after taking the RNC reins.


Another tidbit of interest from the same article:

It remains likely that, after this year’s elections, the number of black Republican members of Congress will remain the same as it has been since Rep. J.C. Watts (R-Okla.) retired from the House in 2003: zero.

I’m not trying to make the point that voting Democrat rather than Republican is the way to advance racial equality. The parties are very similar in most crucial matters, such as being in the pocket of big business, bowing to Christian theocrats, promoting war, perpetuating social inequalities, believing in American exceptionalism, and worshiping the Invisible Hand. No non-affluent person could truly act in their own interest by voting for either major party.

However, it is clear that Republicans are more open in their disregard for people of color, and are willing to publicly promote policies that disproportionately harm communities of color. Democrats are similarly uncaring towards POC, but they have the decency to understand their actions are despicable and at least try to cover their intentions with respectful language. If that does it for you.

Ah, Michael Steele. Look what happens if I reflect on him for even five minutes. I turn into a seething revolutionary anarchist… or something.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Michael Steele is a puppet and everyone knows it! Those polls reflect that fact that minorities are pissed off because the GOP thinks they are naieve enough to fall for another one of their tactics. We went fom the economy falling off a cliff, no respect in the world, no comprehesive health care plan and nuclear proliferation to name a few to the first health care program in our nations history, and economy that has reversed and growing positive again, respect and unilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism, etc,…. now explain to me again why anyone would want to switch to the GOP when they have fought tooth and nail against everything the POTUS has proposed, yet and still good things are happening and improving every day. Soon the jobs will come and those form the GOP that voted NO on everything will be out of a job when the next election happens. Obama has been remarkable in his efforts and worked harder in his 15 months in office than the entire administration did the 8 years prior. By the time the elections roll around things will have improved so much that the GOP won’t have a leg to stand on. Blame Limbaugh, Palin and Boherhead for the negative impression most Americans have of the GOP. Here is a projection? Michael Steele will be ousted before next spring! The fall elections will not go well for the GOP because to many positive things are and will happen between now and then so they will place blame where ever they see their weak points…. all except Limbaugh, Palin and Bonerhead. Americans want a leader that is humble and has their interest at heart and not for some special interest and to benefit thier bank account. There are those that are in denial about everything that is going right under this administration protesting in their little Tea Parties across the country saying they want their country back? I say to them if they wanted it back then why didn’t they vote it back last November. The American public finally woke up and saw the GOP for what it truly is, a self serving special interests group dedicated to their own personal wealth at any cost just as John McCain is showing right now trying to do whatever it takes to re-win his seat. In closing… why would anyone follow Michael Steele? He is a loser!

    PS. Palin has earned 12 million since leaving office. Limbaugh has taught her well. It’s all about the money…show me the money….i’m in the money!

  2. I’m not much of a partisan really… most of what you said, i.e. “The American public finally woke up and saw the GOP for what it truly is, a self serving special interests group dedicated to their own personal wealth at any cost” – could also be said about Dems.

    Anyone seeking personal power and/or wealth should be regarded with deep suspicion.

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