A Man Documents His Academic Career at Beck University

Beck University logoAs you may recall, Glenn Beck has started his own non-credited university.

One man has been brave enough to fork over $9.95 AND attend the lectures. Read his response to each class here.

A quote:

Over one of the most harrowing half hours of my entire life, I also learned that the principles of American government were based on the “best forms of government listed in the Bible”…

And in Lecture 4:

[David Barton (“a pseudo-historian with limited academic credentials”)] whines that we’ve been told that Franklin and Jefferson were agnostics and deists. But he insists that these actions prove they were true Christians who believed in a theocracy, dammit! Don’t believe those dirty librels and their deconstructionist ways.

I guess Barton’s using the Transitive Property of Christian Fundamentalism. Let me explain. If A = C and C = D, then A = B, which proves everyone is a secret Christian and that the Founding Fathers wanted us to separate church and state so that Christians were free to worship wherever they wanted and however they wanted so long as they were the right type of Christians.

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