Obesity, Like Poverty, Is the Result of Personal Failure

And Lincoln University will stand by and watch their students deliberately make themselves fat no longer:

A Pennsylvania university’s requirement that overweight undergraduates take a fitness course to receive their degrees has raised the hackles of students and the eyebrows of health and legal experts.

Officials at historically black Lincoln University said Friday that the school is simply concerned about high rates of obesity and diabetes, especially in the African-American community.

“We know we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic,” said James L. DeBoy, chairman of Lincoln’s department of health, physical education and recreation. “We have an obligation to address this head on…”

Yeah, like DeBoy said. It’s not like the United States government has subsidized corn over-production, it’s not like grocery stores are filled with boxed, canned and frozen food filled with corn derivatives and chemicals, it’s not like cities are planned around car culture, it’s as though poor neighborhoods are filled with fast food restaurants and suburbs with chain restaurants, it’s not as though we are all surrounded by advertisements pushing us to consume unhealthy foods, it’s not as if school lunches American children grow up on are made out of anything but the best, healthiest ingredients available.

No, it is the personal choices of these bad, bad Lincoln University students that lead to obesity. Change an unhealthy system? Heck, why not just blame the already-marginalized obese for their own health problems.

While they’re at it, why doesn’t Lincoln University add mandatory testing and classes for people with diabetes? And people with high blood pressure? How about students with mental health issues? People with STDs? Students with acne?

What’s the difference? Lifestyle choices can affect all of these health conditions. So why stop at obesity?

Surely it is safe to say our obsession concern about obesity, inspite of the fact that Lincoln University does not mandate testing and classes for any other health condition, is just because we are worried about the poor, ignorant college students’ well-being, and has nothing to do with a national pastime of blaming the victims of our greed-based capitalistic system for their own misfortune.

Just like poor people are poor because they are lazy, fat people are fat because they are lazy. As a matter of fact, poor people are often fat, therefore making the laziness descriptor even more apt. Apter.

Basically, I think we can all agree that what brings fatness and poverty together is that both are caused by personal failure, and not larger forces controlled by fabulously wealthy elites who benefit from keeping people poor and fat. I mean, besides government subsidy money, factory monoculture farming, enormous profit from cheap and fatty food, enormous profit from exploiting labor, and a huge benefit to maintaining a downtrodden lower class from which to draw cheap labor, what is there to gain from creating a system that encourages obesity and poverty? Because the very idea is so ridiculous, personal failure is a much more reasonable explanation. I’m sure James DeBoy would agree with me.

Because by mandating special classes to “teach” the obese about how they have failed and how they are personally responsible for the conditions that led to their health problems, he is thoroughly behind me in the fat = stupid and lazy but other health conditions are legitimate crowd.

And nobody, I mean nobody better make a peep to the effect that it is possible to have a high BMI and yet still be healthy. Come on, that doesn’t even make sense! It’s SCIENCEtm!!!


2 thoughts on “Obesity, Like Poverty, Is the Result of Personal Failure

  1. Unreal. The rules/requirements should be for everyone. Not for a specific class or target. That’s discrimination.

    Schools in general are just a joke and a waste of money. Schools are nothing but broken promises and dreams. They teach people nothing of real value. The only thing schools teach is how to be subservient under a “one world government”. No free thinking, no creativity, no independence in schools.

    Better off using the internet for learning and education. You learn a lot more than being inside the box. A degree/diploma is nothing but a piece of paper.

  2. I remember when I heard about this back in November. I couldn’t believe this school thought such naked discrimination was going to be okay. I heard they were trying to skirt that discrimination snag by saying, “Well, we’re a private university” because laws against discrimination, of course, don’t affect private entities. Ever.


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